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Monochrome Revisited

August 27, 2015

Nowadays I tend to plan my blog posts around outfits I make. When the weekend arrives I end up planning out each specific day so that I end up making about two outfits that I’ll be able to share on the blog. It hasn’t always been successful but I try. I tend to reserve my weekdays for school work only so that means I only get to sew on the weekends! And with that in mind, trust me when I say that my sewing speed is increasing at a fast rate.

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A Blooming Flower

October 29, 2014

I am a blooming flower; slowly growing, slowly changing. I really haven’t posted much this month. Pardon me for my hiatus. Between exams and creating this website, it’s really been a roller-coaster of events. I made this website myself, seeing that I’m an IT student, it didn’t make sense for me to pay someone for something I can try to do myself and learn at the same time.
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My Style

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink.

October 1, 2014

On Saturday I got an AHA! moment, with regards to the title of this post that is. Mean Girls was showing on TV and I ended up watching it since there was nothing else that I found interesting. There was a point where when the plastics were recruiting Lindsay Lohan, one of the girls said “Ohh and on Wednesdays we wear pink”. And I was like AHA! I literally hi-fived myself. So yeah, there goes the title of this post.

Did you know that during the anniversary of the release of Mean Girls there are real fanatics who actually wear Pink to commemorate the day? How cool! 🙂

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My Style

Girl In The African Print: Part 2

September 23, 2014

I am a huuuuge crocs fan. I could wear crocs to literally anywhere. The photos are cropped at my legs cause I have crocs on. I’ve spread the love of crocs to my mum and my sister. Jeff on the other hand, not so much. Here’s the conversation I had with Jeff when I first bought my crocs:

Me: Look what I got.

Jeff: What are you wearing????

Me: They’re Crocs. Pretty cool, huh?

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