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2016 Favourites

January 25, 2017

Hey guys! I decided to try and get more into the YouTube space so here’s the first video of the year and it’s a breakdown of some of my favourite things from 2016!

I hope you like it!

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Happy Hump Day!

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Cheekily Chic



August 5, 2016

Pictures by Pixelinc Photography

I love r e d lipstick. My first ever lipstick color was r e d and I have more lipsticks in shades of r e d than any other colour. So me being the person that believes red lipstick can somehow change the world, my heart breaks a little every time someone says red lipstick wouldn’t suit them before they even tried it. There are so many notable icons who are known for having red lipstick as their signature colour, so I’ve picked out four celebrities who can be a source of inspiration for those that are a bit shy to try. Ask yourself, which celebrity would be your ultimate alter ego?

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Tulle little, Tulle late

July 15, 2015

I like using a lot of wordplay when it comes to my titles, so anything funky rocks my boat. So when I played this really old throwback by Jojo, Too Little Too Late, I had just had a brilliant light bulb moment.
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