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Another Beginning

January 15, 2019

This was my Christmas outfit. Traditionally this is what I would have definitely worn on Christmas day but I was on a beach somewhere and no one wants to wear a heavy outfit at such a hot place. Since I was a child, my parents had a tradition of buying us Christmas clothes. So after we closed school, my mum would take us to town and we’d choose not one, but two outfits; one for Christmas Day and one for New Year’s. The tradition still remains. Of course my mum doesn’t hold our hands to go to town to buy an outfit, we can do that on our own now. Hahaha. But yes, Christmas clothes still remain a tradition. I’m not sure for how long it will remain though. I’m 24, turning 25 this year so I guess it will stop any time now and I’m sure by the time it stops, we shall be the ones buying them Christmas clothes. And hopefully also taking them on holidays. God-willing.

Anyway, as I sat down towards the end of the year and evaluated how 2018 was, honestly speaking I was a bit disappointed. To me, 2018 was such a bland year. Especially in comparison to the previous years. 2017 and 2016 were mad exciting, I can’t even begin to tell you. 2018? Boring. Uneventful. Uninspiring. My year was basically summed up in waking up, going to work, coming back home to eat and sleep. Uninspiring, don’t you think? I thought to myself, there definitely has to be more to life than that sort of routine where you feel like you’re in some sort of simulation. So 2019, I’ve decided to change that. There definitely has to be more to life than going to work and coming back home to sleep. I want to create a full, abundant life for myself. Full of the things I like doing. Travelling. Blogging. Making videos. Sewing. Cooking. Spending time with friends. Basically a fuulll life. An abundant life. So this marks the beginning of me trying to chase an exciting 2019. Chasing after my hopes and dreams. Enjoying life. This definitely another beginning for me. Join me in this journey, will ya?

Thanks for reading,


Cheekily Chic


Outfit details:

Dress – Dichotomy

Shoes – Woolworths

Earrings – Mr. Price

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