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How do you express yourself?

August 11, 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot about how different people express themselves. We can’t expect everyone to express themselves in a similar way. Some express themselves through words alone, some through music, art, clothes, hairstyles etc. I express myself through clothes. Brighter colours always signify that I’m in a good mood. I wear more stylish clothes when I’m happier. I express myself through makeup. I always do a full face when I’m happy and excited and have the time. My makeup is otherwise very basic if I’m in a dull mood. When I’m in high spirits you’ll find me wearing heels instead of flats. I express myself through sewing. The clothes I make are a full representation of who I am and what I like. I sometimes feel like the world sometimes expects us to express ourselves in the same way, but knowing and loving every part of you that’s different is a step towards real happiness. So I’ll continue expressing myself through dresses, makeup and heels. The world is your canvas, how will you express yourself?

I love this piece. It’s fun and flirty. I love the halter neck. It’s actually the best part of this dress. I think it’s a perfect representation of me. It’s soo me! Can’t wait o make more pieces that express who I am.

Dress – DIY – Cheekily Chic Atelier

Shoes & Sunnies – Mr. Price


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Cheekily Chic

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