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Plain Jane maybe? and my little hair journey :)

April 29, 2013

The title? Yes getting to that. My blog has been revamped as you can see. A header and the background; basically everything has changed including me!! So yes my blog went through an episode of Plain Jane and came out looking like this. πŸ™‚ Thanks to my dear friend Mbithe Nzomo, check out her blog here ———-> Twenty Something Life

You’re probably wondering, and me? how have I changed? Well, I can say alot about me has changed but the main thing is that I ditched my natural sisters and went main stream… I now have permed hair. Umm yes at first I regretted it but you know I have to make the best out of it. Sigh* I have a friend who is not talking to me since I permed my hair. We were both natural sisters and now…….ahh no worries she’ll forgive me sooner than later. Change is good.



The day I actually cut my hair

Rugged look:




Bantu knots:

DSC_1343 DSC_1338 IMG-20130307-WA0002


Afro disiac:


Braided hair:

DSC_1176 Image0036





Image528 Image653 IMG-20130412-WA0001 PicsArt_1366120034221





That was just a snippet of my hair journey.

Last Saturday, my friend Nicole alias Kendra of Kendra Fashion house had her fashion show at the Michael Joseph Centre. It was amazeballs!! I don’t have my camera with me but I have a video of the show and I’ll share it once I get my camera back.

But here is a small preview:




Till next time,


Cheekily chic

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