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January 18, 2013

Sometimes do you feel like you need to a distraction from everything that’s happening? Well, I do. What i do, I put on my music and come here and start writing…

Sooooo….I got something new….tralala… I the only one who gets excited over new stuff? Jump up and down? Have a crazy daydream about whatever new thing you’ve acquired? Nope? It’s just me?…okay fine, I guess that’s just me 🙂

Now you’re probably wondering what it is! New Clothes? Nope. New shoes? I wish. A new bag? Nah. Ok fine, fine let’s cut to the chase! I got an eyelash curler. That’s it? Well, yeah I mean, IT IS AN EYELASH CURLER! I saw it and I had to rub my eyes. I normally see it on telly. Like I said before, I see stuff on TV and I’m like I want that!

So I was actually going for a check up cause I’ve been a bit sick lately so I was going round the chemist to check out the cool stuff that look so appealing from the window. I was so astonished. The first thing that came to my mind was “OHHMY THEY’RE IN KENYA!!!!”

Ok enough about my excitement, when I got home of course the first thing to do is to try this eyelash curler. I use it and let’s just say my excitement was over -_-

I was expecting my eyelashes to look like Kim Kardashian’s (there’s a craze about her eyelashes that I don’t really get). So I came to the conclusion that they only work with people with fake eyelashes and I’m not really into the whole fake eyelash thing cause I heard about the EXCRUCIATING pain when removing them. No way I’m getting outta my comfort zone cause some eyelash extensions. In short what I thought is that they could have had a sign at the back of the pack written: BUY THIS AT YOUR OWN PERIL, THEY WILL LOOK NORMAL, ALL NATUREL! NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER!

Don’t leave yet, my story is ending. So I ended up googling how to use an eyelash curler. Well *ehem* *cough* , you are apparently supposed to put Mascara on first. Oops….how embarrassing….Thank God for Google for those of us that are clueless **THE END**

For those who don’t know, an eyelash curler looks like this: (BEWARE, IT LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING THAT CAN BE USED IN AN OPERATING ROOM)

kevyn_aucoin_the_eyelash_curler shu-uemura-eyelash-curler





And this is how mine look like :))




Have a lovely night people 🙂


Cheekily chic

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  • Reply misswinzy March 3, 2013 at 10:18 pm

    OMG…Blonde moment! 😀 but at least you found out how to use them 🙂

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