Nail art: The shatter nail polish

December 9, 2012

It took me centuries to get this nail polish, I know, I know…….I was doing my hair so I thought I’d do a manicure as well, so I decided I’ll go with the shatter nail polish. IT TURNED OUT GREAT 🙂 See for yourself.



To be honest, ever since I put it I’ve been interested to know more about it. A piece of advice, use OPI nail polish. The rest crack really badly leaving you regretting putting it on.

I’m a nail polish lover. At the beginning of the year I used to put a different color every week but somewhere along the way I got bored of changing it. New year resolution? I’ll increase my stock of nail polish to say 60. I’m not saying that I’ll change my nail polish every week, just increase my stock.

Here are some other awesome color combinations:

black-shatter-opi-nail-polish blue main-qimg-6429cf0f6cf8b931bbccab13cfe075ff my collection OPI turquoise-baby-blue-crackle-shatter-nail-polish




If you’ve never tried it, you should.


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