Big Brother Fashion : Official wear

May 25, 2012

So Big Brother Fashion or rather BBF……I’ll just basically be featuring people whose style I happened to like…..

So the first BBF will be of Sasai(don’t you just love that Maasai name??)
So she wore a black and gold shirt, a brown coat with a leopard print lining…….really chic I might say.



ful2 full

The gold and black shirt with ruffles……..

ruffled tee


The watch….it adds a pop of colour, don’t you think? And the silly bands?? For those who dunno, silly bands are hand bands which when put on a flat surface, forms the frame of an animal.



She also used a necklace as a bracelet….

black pearls


The button earings?? Love ’em 🙂



The bag has a really cool pattern……



So that’s it for this series of BBF……..
P.S if I meet you on the streets of Nairobi and ask to take your picture, please don’t freak out…..

Till next time Fashion geeks,


Cheekily Chic

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